Golf Event Management System

Welcome to GEMS

Click on GEMS Login or the picture above to access the GEMS database. You will be prompted to enter or request a login and password when you first use GEMS.  Validated accounts will be notified by email.

This is release 6.0 of GEMS and is the first version to be placed online.  Due to the technology of we are now able to use the same database and applications online that we used to have on individual PC's. Putting GEMS online, though very easy has necessitated some changes.  See the information to the right.
GEMS online also simplifies the ability to add new users, and also the possibility to extend GEMS to other clubs.





What is GEMS?

GEMS is a software tool for creating and managing golf events.  It can help you organize your upcoming golf event by doing the following:
1.  Maintain a master list of golfers in your club.  You may add or remove golfers as needed.
2.  Maintain a current USGA handicap index for each golfer.
3.  Maintain course and scorecard information for the courses you wish to play.
4.  Provide a means for you to define your golf events and select golfers for each event.
5.  Automatically create foursomes for your event based on your chosen team plan.
6. Generate starting times and tee assignments for your foursomes.
7.  Print a pairings report for your event.
8.  Print scorecards(on plain paper) with player names and handicap holes dotted.
9.  Maintain a history of golf events for future reference.
10.  Put you in control of your golf events.

Changes in GEMS 6.0
Over the past month there have been many changes to prepare GEMS for use on the web.  Many of these changes are behind the scenes to minimize the possibility of error situations.  Others are to make improvements and implement suggestions made by some current users.
The most significant and visible change is the first GEMS screen which requires a login and password to use GEMS.  Access control was pretty much a necessity when putting GEMS online.  If you don't yet have a login and password you may select one and request a GEMS account.  You will be asked for your name and email address to create a new account.  These will allow verification of you as a community resident and eligible user.  You will be notified by email when your account is activated.
There are numerous other changes which are documented in a .pdf file.  Click on the Documents tab to access the available GEMS documents.